Four characters from The Walking Dead are resurrected

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After eleven seasons on the air, The Walking Dead broadcast its last episode on AMC last Sunday on the other side of the pond . And fans of the famous series thoroughly enjoyed not only what happened in the final chapter of The Walking Dead but also the commercial breaks, where four characters who had previously lost their lives in the AMC production in five ads for different brands. Maximum Effort , Ryan Reynolds’ agency, was the architect of the unique “dawn of the dead” that the viewer witnessed during the commercial breaks of the last episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead : Generated

More cultural conversation for more than a decade than any other show and so we wanted to pay tribute to the series by resurrecting some top industry data characters in fun contextual ads,” he adds. Reynolds and his agency Maximum Effort recruited four brands to take part in such a unique advertising experiment: Autodesk, Deloitte, DoorDash and Ring. The fifth spot places MNTN, the parent company of Maximum Effort, in which Reynolds holds the position of CCO, under the spotlight . The characters that Ryan Reynolds and his agency resurrected with the invaluable help of advertising are Rodney (Joe Ando-Hirsh), Milton (Dallas Roberts), Gareth (Andrew West) and Andrea (Laurie Holden).

Unique access to the zombie apocalypse

Content Room’s absolutely and its millions of fans is one of the many ways we can illuminate advertising of a contextual nature ,” explains Kim Granito, EVP of Content ZNB Directory Room at AMC Networks. “We know that The Walking Dead fans will love seeing some of their favorite characters return in these clever spots,” she says. « Ads can once again be part of the cultural conversation , just as they were in the past. They just need to be seasoned with a pinch of love, attention and cunning,” Reynolds emphasizes. Involving multiple brands in a project like the one designed by Maximum Effort is an enormous task that has little or nothing trivial. Perhaps that is why there are not many similar examples in the advertising industry. 

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