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But we are going to leave the praise Product Industry for another day and I am going to tell you how I have managed to generate 1000 USD per month from scratch with Google Adsense . From 0 to 1000 USD per month Information Cube First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joaquín Velázquez and I write this post from the beautiful and paradisiacal city of Cancún, Mexico (Up with the tequila and tacos!) and after more than 10 years of embarking on my path as an SEO, I can say that I am just becoming “ professional. ” ” like a true “expert.” Although I have set up many SEO projects that have allowed me to generate various incomes, the most current is Cubo Informativo.

Information Cube Product Industry First of all allow me to introduce myself

Which I have been working on since category email list March 2020. informational cube The reason for setting up this project and monetizing it with Adsense emerged as an ace I had up my sleeve in the face of the contingency caused by COVID-19 . Because? For the simple fact that my projects focused on affiliate marketing were through the platform . And we already know everything that has happened with the tourism sector and the coronavirus… At the same time, I had begun to become independent as a marketing consultant and, in the same way, my clients “paused projects” for me, not to say that they left me behind .

Informative cube success story Like every project

After 8 months of constantly ZNB Directory working on this website I can say that I have learned even more about this magnificent world of web positioning. It was really worth it and now I am generating a little more than 1000 USD (20,000 MXN) with Adsense , which is double what a professional would earn working from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. informative cube success story Like every project, logically there were successes that made me earn what I earn today and mistakes that prevented me from earning even more. But now we are going to know everything. First mistakes I had long since distanced myself from Adsense to work full-time on projects with, so my thinking was “ The more traffic, the more profits .”

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