This delicious lottery spot is a compact romantic comedy

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Love Actually is the romantic comedy par excellence when Christmas appears through the door loaded to the brim with nougats, gifts and Christmas carols. It doesn’t matter that we have seen it dozens (and even hundreds) of times, the stories of its protagonists invariably manage to make us shrink in their hearts. And the competitor to Love Actually is not a movie but a spot for Camelot, the operator of the United Kingdom National Lottery. The ad , three and a half minutes long, begins where many other great love stories have flourished before: on a train. When two complete strangers fortuitously sit next to each other on the train taking them home for Christmas, they connect almost instantly.

When the girl has to get off the train

The couple realizes that they have not yet exchanged phone numbers. Urged by the train’s imminent departure from the platform, the boy writes category email list down his phone number on a lottery ticket and throws it out the window for the girl to pick up. Unfortunately, when the young woman arrives at her family’s house, she notices that the ticket has become wet and that the last digits of the phone number of the boy she met on the train are illegible. The young woman does not despair and tries to contact the boy, trying to randomly reconstruct his phone number (although the law of probability clearly works against her). 

 A version of George Michael's song

Suddenly the young woman remembers the boy’s invitation to a New Year’s Eve party and, in desperation, decides to take the train and ZNB Directory return to the city where she usually resides. At the station where it all began, the  in a totally fortuitous way. “You’ve won,” the young woman snaps at the boy as she hands him the winning lottery ticket. “Faith” reinterpreted for the occasion by Sleeping At Last provides the perfect sonic counterpoint to the Camelot spot. Filmmaker Tom Hooper , known for films such as The King’s Speech or Les Misérables , directed the spot, which is signed by the agency Adam&eveDDB and the production company Smuggler .

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