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Share COVAP partnered with Sidel for the first time to create a complete. PET aseptic line with the Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis™ as a central part. The line was installed not only for COVAP’s UHT dairy products but also. An investment to expand the assortment towards smaller, easier-to-consume formats. This responds to the demand of the main supermarkets. Which have also decided to use PET bottles, and ensures the quality and food safety of their products. The safe and simple PET aseptic line requires only a few operators and thus facilitates smooth. Efficient production of up to 13,200 bottles per hour. In this way, COVAP is producing more than 30 million PET bottles per year. Additionally, Sidel provided intensive training to operators to ensure the line’s production success.

Characteristics of the new aseptic line for PET

Sidel experts worke closely with COVAP, from bottle design to line commissioning. The new PET bottles: – They were design with an elegant shape. Which mimics the look and feel of glass bottles. – They have barrier properties that extend the shelf life of dairy drinks by 4 months, to retain. The freshness of their flavor. – They come in three formats: 225 ml, 1 L and 1.5 L. -They can be labeled with sleeve or coil technology. According to the different positioning of the brands. – They were accepte with enthusiasm and satisfacti. The consumer and by retail businesses. You Industry Email List may be intereste in: Bottle-to-bottle recycling. Innovative PET process COVAP is producing more than 30 million PET bottles per year.

PET bottles in the circular economy

At the beginning of 2021, the European Soft Drinks Federation presente“Vision 2030” to achieve circular packaging. Among its objectives, the following stand out. By 2025, plastic, metal and glass beverage containers must be 100% recyclable. PET plastic soft drink bottles must contain 50% recycle PET. By 2030, PET bottles are require to be manufacture with 100% recycle and/or renewable material. Thus avoiding the use of fossil fuels, as long as it is technically and economically viable. The Cooperative  one of the most technically advance dairy plants in all of Europe.  A large ZNB Directory operating area of ​​22,650 m 2 and a production capacity of 400 million liters of milk per year. COVAP also produces ready-to-drink dairy beverages, such as its range of coffees and oat drinks.

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