The controversial announcement from the Ministry of Equality

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On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Ministry of Equality launched a campaign signed by Ogilvy that took the opportunity to directly point out the aggressors and criticize this habit of looking the other way and not committing to the fight against violence. violence towards women. “If neither you nor I have been, then who?” was the main motto of this action, which has raised eyebrows on social networks, especially from the moment in which those who have felt affected have responded. And the audiovisual piece recreates recent events that Spanish society has experienced, such as the controversial video of the chants of the Elías Ahúja Residence Hall.

Pablo Motos responds to the Ministry of Equality 

The most famous case, without a doubt, has been that of the presenter of El Hormiguero , Pablo Motos , who used his program on the industry email list night of Thursday, November 24, the day before 25N, to respond to the campaign in full prime . time . « The Ministry of Equality has spent more than a million euros of public money on a television campaign to call me sexist . I know it’s almost vulgar, because they point fingers at everyone, but they made an advertisement for me on TV. Spending more than a million euros from Spaniards, with the country as it is, is indecent,” said the presenter. 

The streamer El Xokas has also responded to the Ministry of Equality campaign

He has not been the only one who has responded to it, since the popular (and controversial) streamer El Xokas has also done so . “I have colleagues ZNB Directory who don’t drink and who were like that about flirting with girls and who also had a lot of fun picking up girls who were high,” he said. The Xokas has assured that he will take the necessary legal action and has pointed out that he had never said that in his life. To finish, the episode of the Elías Ahúja Residence Hall is reflected in the final scene of the Ministry of Equality campaign.

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