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At the second level, a distinction can be made between country and regional functional domains (such as English company website, Polish ucation website, Polish government website, Krakow, ) as well as corporate and private. Second-level domain names allow for expansion, which increases the functionality and legibility of the name. In our country should be more visible in the search results of Polish Internet users and thus better position. This is how Google handles this, treating pages in the country domain as relat to a specific country The most relevant pages for users in the region.

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The same Keyword, a Czech, a Polish, and a German will find completely different search results. That doesn’t mean there are difficulties in locating and breaking out of the pinnacle of domain name popularity. For pages that operate bas on functional domains, the search engine independently collects information about the recipient’s location. In this case, as the owner Italy B2B List of the website, you can determine the audience independently by so-call. geolocation. Focus on image An easy-to-remember, fast-associate name is one of the goals domain owners hope to achieve.

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Domain hacking is an unusual Internet

Domain name whose originality is bas on a unique name. Or doesn’t it sound cool? Such a juxtaposition of names would be very problematic without a webmaster’s geolocation tools. Without this, the content of the page will only be readable by residents of Montenegro, and the content of the page will be readable by Micronesians. The tool works with geographic data, not linguistic data. When no information is enter in Webmaster Tools, it will rely on the national domain, or in the case of an international domain, the following signals: address, location information ZNB Directory contain on the page, or data from local information services.


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