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So it’s worth making sure they just want to try. A creative office fit-out is one of the factors that make them more likely to stay in the place, while also making them feel that the employer is not indifferent to their well-being. Google’s example is already classic. Internet search engine is committ to creating conditions conducive to creativity in every office. Googlers themselves admit they want to be in an office like this.

In the Bydgoszcz branch

Where the Performance Marketing Center is locat in a multi-year-old tenement building on the Old Market Square, a creative space was creat last year with comfortable armchairs, graffiti on the walls and a football table. This version of the so-call employees can take a break in the lounge for training or brainstorming, relaxing around the inspiring Cyprus B2B List graffiti of Robert Proch (a citizen of Bydgoszcz, famous not only in Poland but also in Western Europe for his talent). Employees are happy to linger here after get off work to play foosball or read industry publications.

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Interior design should inspire

Only in creative spaces, but also while eating sandwiches in your lounge. You can read, for example, the thoughts of the company’s offices in Bydgoszcz: Source: Sunrise Systems The potential of the Bydgoszcz branch was also appreciat by the series team. A photo of one of the lawyer’s adventures was taken here. Photo: The doors of these quirky interiors are open to young people who are not lacking in work ethic, want to learn new things and contribute to the ZNB Directory development of the company.


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