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Currently, the following positions are being recruit in Bydgoszcz: Junior Copywriter (plann hire), Locator, Specialist, Senior Commercial Client Advisor and Apprentice in the trade and marketing department. More sources: , Match, or , a quick reminder that we use different keyword matches depending on strategy, industry specifics, opportunity, plans, budget, settings, phrases chosen, etc. The most prictable is an exact match (mark in account, before and after the phrase, with parentheses). Here, our sponsor links will only appear after entering the exact phrase we want.

The next match of the phrase

Mark in the account, before and after the phrase, with quotes Allows the user to add individually. For example, after the word flowers Warsaw, when an Internet user enters: cheap flowers Warsaw for my belov, I buy today, free delivery to her home Czechia B2B List after pm, the ad will appear, but not when User input: cheap flowers for warsaw. Therefore, any modification (consisting of more than one word) in the middle of the phrase is exclud. There may be typos, misspellings, plurals and different capitalization.

B2B Email List

Warsaw flowers the ad will

Loose matching (no tokens before and after the phrase in the account) allows entries both near and far from a given phrase. And, for example, for the phrase Warsaw flowers, when an Internet user enters: flowers ó, flowers from a Warsaw florist I want to buy today, cheap  appear. With this match, the link can also be seen next to: ó Bouquet or wding bouquet in Warsaw on Saturday at a cheap price. This distant association of phrases in loose matches leads to the introduction of matches with broad match modifiers. Such a match (mark in the account, before the phrase with a sign) allows for better display control and does not display ads, for example, after ZNB Directory synonyms and associations that are far from our intention.


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