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There is always Will the end result then be the possibility of doing a Facebook or Ad if customers don’t know, know or trust you, they are unlikely to buy your online course. Growing the customer base is a long-term effort. It requires the right strategies, time, patience and often money. That’s why many people miss it. But I promise you that, done right, the time and money you spend on growing your customer base will come back many times over when you start selling your online course. Read more: Why you need to collect an email list, Whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur? “How many dream customers do you have to have on your email list in order to get sales?” That’s what Mari asked me a few days ago.

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The truth is that an email list of up to 300 people has the opportunity to make sales of new database several thousand euros. So your email list doesn’t have to be in the tens of thousands before you can get started. In fact, the smaller the email list, the easier it is to build a close relationship with them that will bear fruit for a long time. To grow your email list, here are some great strategies to help you succeed. Read more: How to get people to join your email list? How do you grow your customer base? 2.1 Write guest pen posts , you can get your content in front of new people. To be successful, you should write guest posts on blogs that have the same audience as your dream customer.

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So don’t write about yoga on a dog training blog Before writing a guest post, make sure you can direct readers ZNB Directory from your own post back to your blog and/or landing page. If I can choose, the link always redirects to the landing page. A landing page has only one purpose: get people to join your email list so you can send them value-added content on a regular basis. 2.2. Host live broadcasts or free webinars on Facebook You must have participated in many webinars, all of which sold something at the end. Even though webinars have the potential to make a lot of sales during the course, that doesn’t mean you have to sell something at the end of EVERY webinar. Readers will appreciate your gesture when you give them information for free that is useful to them. The same applies to Facebook live.

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