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Emcee Emcee’s blog takes a position on the fact that companies may not even have accurate information about what information they have about customers and personnel, how and where this information is stored, how the information is processed, who processes it and how the information is maintained. In the post, the reader is immediately put to work by asking three questions that tell about the situation of their own company’s data and by presenting the 5 most important changes in the new data protection regulation. The moment I made the decision to leave paid work… For entrepreneurship | 1 Comment |  occupational health doctor’s office and held back my tears. I didn’t want others to see how bad I was. When I was called into the doctor’s room, I sat down and literally collapsed.

Tibia Continent I sat quietly in the

I cried for a long time and said I couldn’t take it anymore. Life cannot be this kind of struggle and suffering. You new data can’t push a person this hard and then just assume it won’t affect anything. Almost 4 years have passed since that moment. Still, it feels like forever. It was December 31, 2013.  crazy to increase my employer’s income, worked as a home teacher for my add son, suffered from migraines and medication headaches for two months. I was totally in the barrel. Worst of all, this was the second time I was on the verge of burnout. I had worked at the bank for less than 8 years. I was 34 years old. I remember thinking that if I’m already mentally exhausted, what will my life, everyday life and work be like for the next 34 years BEFORE I retire…?? I didn’t want to find out.

During the fall, I had worked like

something else. Something I mastered myself. Something where others couldn’t dictate what, where and when I work. After that day, it was no longer a question of whether I would leave work or stay. It was about when I close the workplace door for the last time. But at that moment it still seemed impossible. Tired, exhausted and discouraged, I couldn’t find any way to make my dream come true. I felt trapped. Like a bird in a golden cage. Little by little, during my sick leave, my thoughts started to become clearer. I started making a plan (goal). I accepted that it would take longer to implement the plan. And Phone Number IR even if it took five years, I didn’t care. I no longer wanted quick solutions, but permanent change. I was tired of running after instant prizes. At that moment I could not know the final journey and destination.

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