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Find challenging in blogging?Do you ever feel like your To Do list is growing day by day and you don’t know what to do anymore? Starting the first task is difficult when you can’t decide what would be the most important / easiest / most disgusting task to start with… of August (since I came back from vacation). There are a million tasks on the To Do list, all of them are equally important and still I get stuck thinking where to start. And quite often I end up doing something completely different… How to prioritize tasks (when everything seems important)? Well, I wrote about this topic to my weekly newsletter subscribers at the end of September. The topic sparked a nice discussion afterwards, so I decided to share this with you as well.

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In this post, I’ll share with you a few tips that I will be trying (and tried) myself in the special data coming weeks. what happens! Read also: 11 tips for blogging and time management Make a To Do list I won’t give up on this. I strongly believe that it is worth making a list, because then you don’t have to remember things. Sometimes I write simple tasks on the list, such as water the flowers go to the store Vacuum But typically the to-do list includes things like edit 5 old posts and share them again on social media add 5 post subscription form plan the weekly newsletters for the end of the year A to-do list also helps you figure out what things you can do at the same time.

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For example, I myself listen to audiobooks or podcasts while doing housework or going for a run. Break big tasks into smaller ones This is what I learned from Joonas – Thank you Joonas and sorry for not doing that one task this week =( If the task feels unpleasant, you should break it into smaller parts. For example, writing a post in the midst of all the rush can seem challenging. But if I break it down into smaller sub-tasks like close your eyes and sit quietly for a moment what idea / feeling / thought comes up write 3 reasons why this information is useful to the reader write 5 questions that come to mind about the topic Draw the post with a pencil in a notebook with already easier. When I have broken down a big whole into small ones, I can do tasks little by little during the day and I don’t feel like writing a post takes too much time. I also don’t have to remember where I was going when the small tasks are done. 

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