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Let’s discover together the charm of the art of storytelling through an analysis of the new novel by storyteller Kindra Hall. BY MARTA LONGO COMMUNICATION , BOOKS , MARKETING Table of Contents What is the art of storytelling But what, specifically, is storytelling? Storytelling as an experience “The Art of Storytelling” by Kindra Hall The art of storytelling to create lasting bridges over time Attention Influence Transformation Four stories that every company should tell The history of value The story of the founder The history of purpose The customer story Techniques for building a story Conclusion Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode.

This is not the classic

Voiced by Amazon Polly What is the art India Phone Number List of storytelling “Today I want to tell you three stories that belong to me. That’s all. Nothing special. Only three stories. The first story is about connecting the dots. The second story is about love and loss. The third story is about death. The one given by Steve Jobs on 12 June 2005 in front of the recent graduates of Stanford University is certainly one of the most famous and interesting speeches of recent years (and if you haven’t seen it, you can do so immediately by clicking here !) With his words , chis life , from the most difficult moments to the most beautiful ones, through dreams, successes.  effectiveness of this speech can be deduced from the applause it raises from the audience. But that same speech from years ago has a certain universality.

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Steve Jobs retraces

Touches keys and sets in motion the orator’s skills Italy Phone Number List such that he  truly present a model of communication that is not affecter  the passage of time. It can in fact be apply in different situations successfully. It’s a type example of a “ founder story ” converging towards a “ purpose story ,” but we’ll understand what that means later. This very speech came to mind as soon as we started reading the book ” The art of storytelling ” by Kindra Hall , translated and published in stores by Alize Editor on 20 February 2022.  storytelling manual, but a compelling story about the power of stories and the fact that, if well structured and used, they can do anything.

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