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Arises from the art of storytelling . Man has been using stories for millennia, first in oral and then written form, to pass on stories, memories, knowledge and traditions. In the field of corporate and business communication it is translate as storytelling marketing . Today it is use above all in the digital sector to communicate your products, a brand or a service in an effective and engaging way in order to broaden the audience of potential customers . In fact, knowing how to convey emotions through content generates strong empathy on the part of users. This mechanism of emotional closeness ensures that the brand is seen as safe, reliable and recognizable over time.

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A close audience that shares the values Indonesia Phone Number List ​​and emotions of the brand will be an audience likely to transform into customers . art of storytelling Storytelling as an experience Storytelling is an effective method of communication precisely because it is based on a habit deeply rooted in human beings . Telling stories is the best way to transfer knowledge and experience, persuade and involve people. In fact, its purpose is to communicate messages to listeners, through a process of identification. People participate in history by making it their own. the term ” science of narration.

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Storytelling however differs from simple Latvia Phone Number List narration, because it is not limiter to a simple chronology of events  consistorial , but  the aim of leading users to identify with each other , perceiving the story as own. In doing so, the message breaks through every barrier because it becomes the viewer’s personal narrative. This is how storytelling becomes a real experience . On the other hand, as Kindra Hall says: “A story told at the right time and impeccably is able to drag a person into a space that goes beyond simple interest, where one doesn’t just pay attention. And in a state of complete attraction ”. to data (blue brain) 

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