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Vatican Museums – Instagram profile 2. Bringing young people closer to culture The answer is simple: entering the Sistine Chapel is an exciting experience in itself. More exciting than an energy drink and, perhaps, only on par with a parachute jump. We are not exaggerating, the artistic heritage of the Vatican Museums makes it one of the most important museums in the world and to convince young people it is enough to show them what emotions I can feel . Even in this case, communication plays its part. As Matteo Alessandrini explains: “There is still an elite of experts who view the role of museums on social media with distance.

The case of the Vatican Museums

Yet, being present on the online platform Iceland Phone Number List reduces the perception of museums as boring and excessively institutional places, allows you to reach new targets and make cultural heritage more accessible. It is an enriching experience for anyone who comes across the content which also affects offline visits. We want to leave you with an important concept: digital communication in museums is never an end in itself and allows you to physically bring the visitor inside the museum. With their Social strategy and the famous Influencer Marketing campaign, the Vatican Museums have recorded a +20% of Italian visitors aged between 18-25. An important result, if we think that before 2022, visitors to the Museum were mainly adults and foreigners on holiday in Italy.

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The subtle difference between information Iran Phone Number List and trivialization One of the most interesting questions you asked us was: “What is the borderline between popularization and trivialization of art?” , but it depends on the type of museum, the content published, the positioning and the strategy used. In the case of the Vatican Museums, they manage to reconcile the importance of the artistic heritage, the role of religion (not to be overlooked) and that of dissemination with simple cornerstones: selection of a few channels art experts collaborating with communication experts content choice that reflects the areas of the Museum’s artistic heritage In, the Instagram profile and the website allow

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