It is easy to build a valuable powerful robot and

pricing model also make the charging method of the robot more transparent. What are the changes? First, let us understand the new product. : ‍ GPT-4 integratio. This means more powerful functions、higher efficiency、more creative power. No longer have information restrictions : We canceled the monthly information limit, and the quota is more reasonable. Increase the work area limit: Now, you can extend the work area limit to table row, storage, and robot call limit when needed. Free artificial intelligence points per month: Every month, you will receive points

For artificial intelligence operations and tasks

The newly created working space will automatically enter our new local price mode. When the we will be able to connect with people who have a traditional work space. ‍Why Iraq WhatsApp Number Data do we make this change? Users need more table lines, while other users only need robots to send more information. The typical “one-shot” SaaS pricing mode is not reasonable for many of our users. , because they only need to increase the quota for some functions. ‍ We design a new fixed price mode with your common growth. The purpose of this change is to give you the ability to build a robot to improve your work, personal projects, or countless other reasons people build robots. The most important thing is that before robots bring value to you.

So that you can experiment and innovate more

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How will you benefit from artificial intelligence? Now it has become an indispensable part of the SaaS field. Every time your robot ZNB Directory performs an operation powered by artificial intelligence, it retrieves information from the knowledge base and executes emotions. When classifying or interacting with custom people, we have to pay to model providers like OpenAI. The traditional fixed price mode will be passed on to the end user, and in many cases, the price will be significantly increased. Botpress provides enough value based on these models,you don’t need to pay any additional price. The fee is exactly the same as when you pay directly to the provider. This method makes us have a lot of SaaS products with artificial intelligence functions. What to do now? Today’s update also has a lot of content worth exploring. You can Experience these changes yourself in the studio, and you can also.

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