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Such computers are still very limited. Even so, Bima is still eager to explore existing quantum computer theory. Bima’s ambitions grew when he saw the quantum computer services offered by AWS. He was inspired to create a very practical yet incredibly powerful quantum computer. Bima hopes his innovation will prepare Indonesia to compete with other countries in the future era of computing. In addition to his desire to advance Indonesia’s science and technology, Bima also hopes to inspire his peers to study hard. Bima expressed to them the need to maximize the opportunities available. “Ignorance is a mistake, so we need to learn, try and understand. Cultivate your curiosity so you can continue to learn. 

Motivate yourself and take advantage

of the various opportunities available to achieve your goals.” To enable more people to achieve as brilliantly as he did, Bima hopes to invite future digital talent candidates to learn with AWS and Dicoding. He realized that there were not many cloud computing experts in whatsapp number list Indonesia and that career opportunities in this field were very promising. Bima also believes that Amazon, which is building a data center in Jakarta, can help Indonesia evenly accelerate digitalization. Let’s learn and be part of Indonesia’Development Learn to code even when you’re busy For engineers, learning to code is an ongoing activity. Of course, by coding, we don’t just mean learning the syntax of a specific programming language. It’s not just about learning the built-in functions provided by a programming language. We can learn to understand how other s digital acceleration.

Engineers solve problems and learn

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The mindset and principles for solving those problems. We can also change something that is considered magic into a reality we can understand. Just as important, we can continue to learn to improve the quality of the impact we can create. These things can improve the quality of the code you write. Learning to code should be an exciting activity, even one you look forward to. However, how can we continue to learn to code in our daily activities? We wanted to share some of the ways we continue to hone our coding skills. Learn to code while solving problems Not long ago, we were exploring the problem of race conditions in web applications. 

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