Introduction to the most popular TG marketing

Telegram attracts people, TG attracts people, TG marketing software, telegram aircraft marketing collection software, one-click automatic collection of 10,000 groups. Many necessary methods for overseas marketing, functional Introduction to the software Telegram’s fastest software TG marketing software customized for teams and studios. Spam, invitations, cheating and more. Unlimited multi-opening. social media software and emails! Currently supported platforms: Facebook.X (Twitter), YouTube, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok. Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Line, Kuaishou, Viber.

Advanced customization you can set the delay

You can use the software for multiple tasks at the same time, such as collection. Filtering, invitation and other functions. The fastest software, up to 2000 threads Canada WhatsApp Number Data checking 1000 accounts  in 2-5 seconds. You don’t need to focus on errors, our service team can help you solve any problemsAs long as your computer configuration is high enough. You can open 100 software at the same time.  how many groups are invite at the same time. How many people are invited/sent can be automatically stopp, you can control everything.

Convert account you can choose any APPID as the client

WhatsApp Number Data

Spam (supports randomization of any character in image text) Collect nearby (supports GOOGLE map selection coordinates, more ZNB Directory accurate selection of countries and user groups) Collect users/groups (you can choose how long people in the group have been online. You can filter administrators) A Telegram bulk marketing software that I found very useful after using it: [Laohu Agreement Bulk Distribution] Official website address: (click to visit) Laohu Marketing Agreement Software is an agreement marketing and traffic drawing software for automatic marketing and mass sending of major.

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