E-commerce in Santa Catarina: set up your online store in SC Anthony

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The state of Santa Catarina has a huge range of consumers who buy their products online. Right away. We can already mention the fact that Santa. Catarina is the state that has the highest conversion rate in online commerce, among the states in the Southern Region of the country. Sell ​​more magazord The high conversion rate in online sales in Santa Catarina is due to several factors. One of the main ones is due to the fact that a large portion of the Santa Catarina population has an internet connection. The percentage of homes with Internet access in Santa Catarina is 83.6%, that is, practically 4 in every 5 homes in the State are connected. Thus, the state of Santa Catarina is in fifth position among the Brazilian states with the most internet access. Another interesting point for the increase in e-commerce purchases is the per capita income of Santa Catarina residents.

The advantages of E-commerce in Santa Catarina

Opening an E-commerce in Santa Catarina ends up becoming an extremely advantageous activity, because as we have already seen, the purchasing Canada Phone Number power of Santa Catarina residents is great. And as we are talking about a virtual store, the entrepreneur does not need to depend solely on the state of Santa Catarina to sell. E-commerce can even take advantage of physical borders, run campaigns to reach customers nearby and create a greater bond with them. However, E-commerce allows sales to customers from all over Brazil, giving more freedom to the entrepreneur and also expanding the possibilities of reaching more consumers. Virtual Commerce in Santa Catarina With a strong presence in technology, Santa Catarina is one of the states that offer the most benefits to E-commerce companies.


Open an E-commerce in the main cities of Santa Catarina

One of these benefits is the reduction in Tax on the Circulation of Goods . Provision of Services (ICMS) for those who undertake in the segment. Considering that ICMS China Phone Number List rates on interstate sales. Vary from 4% to 12%. Whoever obtains the tax benefit can receive an effective taxation of 2% ICMS. This means that there may be a reduction of up to 10% of the amount normally paid. To obtain this benefit, it is necessary to have. A tax address in Santa Catarina and for E-commerce sales to be made to other states. Therefore, those looking to invest in e-commerc.  And also obtain tax benefits, the state of Santa Catarina is a great option. Open an E-commerce in the main cities of Santa Catarina

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