What is a SKU and how important is it for E-commerce

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Stock Keeping Unit – Stock Keeping Unit, known as SKU , is a logistics term you need to know.  Also separating and organizing products according to their characteristics and respective quantities. The SKU is the best option for you who want to facilitate the process of controlling and organizing your stock and deliveries. Many entrepreneurs and self-employed salespeople don’t know how useful the tool can be. Not knowing this strategy can hinder inventory management, which consequently increases the number of sales. A great example: in 2019 Mercado Livre allowed the insertion of the SKU code in its advertised products. Contributing not only to the organization of the position of the ads.

What is SKU?

SKU is an acronym in English for “Stock Keeping Units”, which are unique 8-digit alphanumeric codes. These codes are used to identify products and their journey within a Afghanistan Phone Number commercial stock. Online trading companies use SKU to manage and organize inventory. This is done to ensure that the appropriate items are packaged and shipped to your customers. What is SKU? Codes are generated based on the characteristics of a product, not its quantity. If, for example, you have 500 pieces from the same brand with the same characteristics, a single SKU code will be generated for the product batch, not per unit. Also be interested: First sale on the internet: how to close the first order.


How do SKU codes work

The creation of codes follows a logic, which is why it is essential that there is a qualified team in the field to be responsible for developing the codes. The SKU is based Australia Phone Number List on the characteristics of the product, these can be: color, size, brand, weight, edition, collection, date of manufacture, among others. They may also contain more general characteristics such as: item description, packaging information, color identification, warranty terms, manufacturer information, etc. If your company sells sporting goods, for example, you can register SKUs for running shoes using the following information: Brand : Adidas; Size: 39; Black color ; Material: Upper – Mesh and Textile/Sole – Rubber; Feminine gender . It’s simple.

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