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Having a healthy, friendly and productive environment is essential in any professional’s career, isn’t it!? And even better is being able to be sure of this in the company we work for. Magazord is now a GPTW (Great Place To Work) certified company, confirming what we already knew: our E-commerce platform is a great place to work. GPTW is a global consultancy whose main purpose is to support organizations to obtain better results through a work environment, with cultures marked by trust, innovation and high performance. Through rigorous and complete research, Great Place To Work certifies companies that have a high score in several aspects. Among the main ones, we can mention: Organizational climate; Remuneration; Benefits; Growth opportunities; Infrastructure; Transparency in management; Employee autonomy. With the results of these evaluations being more than positive for Magazord, we can now proudly say that we are a GPTW certified company.

The pillars that make Magazord a GPTW company

As we mentioned previously, the Great Place To Work seal is obtained by a company after achieving the necessary score in a rigorous and complete survey. Magazord achieved this desired certification and can now proudly say that it is a company with the GPTW seal of quality! But what is Australia Phone Number necessary for us to reach this position? Active listening One of the main dynamics present in Magazord is active listening. In addition to wanting to know employee opinions, the company also seeks constant improvements to make the work environment better and better. Climate surveys are carried out, very similar to GPTW’s own assessment, in order to talk directly with the team.



Constant pursuit of excellence

Finally, we still need to highlight the constant search for excellence. Winning the Great Place To Work seal only confirms the search for excellence and innovation Brazil Phone Number List carried out by the company and its entire team involved. More than a certification Earning the Great Place To Work seal is a challenge and achieving it means proving well-managed management, an engaged team and optimized processes. Magazord is a company with 6 years of history, with passages marked by numbers, people and environment that form a trajectory based on the constant search for the best, both in the work environment and for the company, as well as all the people who in some way were , are and will be with us.

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