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Google ads may at the Google Marketing Live event. Therefore, Google announced  changes in the design of its clothing search service, which will be a harmonious combination of Google Shopping Ads and regular listings. Acquaintance with them will be useful for all entrepreneurs running a shopping campaign in Google Shopping, especially representatives of retail trade.

Since September 2021,

Google has been actively working on optimizing . The display Consumer Mobile Number Database of product offers on mobile devices in response . To a user query about clothing to make Google shopping . Even more convenient, although shopping ads are still generated in the old way. Despite this, the company assures that new ad formats. Will be displayed in search campaigns, and product images .Therefore, will be displayed in accordance with the information provided by advertisers. Therefore, such ads will be marked with the “advertisement” marker and will be placed in the appropriate parts of the page. Advertisers do not need to do anything additional

 All new products from the Google Shopping

This update will primarily help retailers ZNB Directory make their ads more . Interactive and more easily engage and engage potential customers through. A combination of regular and promotional ads. From now on, the number of benefits of ordering Google Shopping to promote your business will increase. According to Google, today more than 90% of Americans already use or plan .Therefore, to use augmented reality for online shopping. Advertisers will soon be able to create and publish 3D models of their products in advertisements. Therefore, however, the company is still keeping the details of this update under wraps.

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