How to upgrade the skills of a teacher

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I am glad that my initiative found its response and was able to be implemented. I believe that teachers’ up-to-date knowledge and understanding of How to upgrade the skills of a teacher modern technologies is the key to successful student learning. And for me, as an employer, the quality of education is important, because the better the students are prepared. the easier it is for me to work with them,” says course mentor Oleksandr Halytskyi. It is worth noting that Kira made a lot of effort to successfully complete the course. After all, the course had an emphasis on practice.

Kira devoted her graduation project to her passion

A large amount of practical work, homework. In addition, students completed Phone Number List graduation projects — developing their own mobile application. And she combined all this with teaching work at the university.Actually, I developed an application that I myself would like to use and that I lack. How to upgrade the skills of a teacher After all. Information about the care of rats is very difficult to find. Usually, these are some forums or chat rooms. Therefore, I decided that it would be appropriate to place all the information centrally,

Technical specialization at a university

so that it would be easily accessible, and the owners. The rats could supplement this information,” Kira shared during the ZNB Directory presentation of her project. The portal for owners, where you can see the journal and treatment stories of each of the rats, was made on a charitable basis. Here you can also get recommendations on the care and maintenance of rats. The project has great prospects. From now on, the life of rodent owners will be much easier, because they will not have to search for information on forums and sites, everything they need will be on their device.

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