Development of a SaaS solution for end-to-end analytics

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The niche of comprehensive software solutions for digital marketing is still relatively empty, but the demand for such products is steadily growing. These two factors prompted us to develop a specialcloud SaaS solutionto monitor data from Google Analytics in real time. Have we managed to cope with this task? We will talk about this below. The introduction of new GDPR rules in Europe and updates to generally accepted digital data security policies have led to the end-to-end ban in some countries of Client ID, which was used to store user data in Google Analytics. That’s why we decided to develop a cloud-based SaaS real-time analytics solution that can help users analyze conversion channels separately. In general, such a platform should provide the functionality of popular services such as Roistat and OWOX, but at times exceed their capabilities.

What did we get at the data end-to-end analysis stage?

Instead of Client ID, we decided to integrate User ID to provide our clients with the required. Level of confidentiality in accordance with the new requirements for the protection of personal data. Before embarking on the implementation of our specialized Phone Number List solution and selecting the optimal set of its capabilities. We conducted a thorough analysis of market demand for relevant digital marketing products. And we got the following conclusions: for SMM – 27.8%, + 15% growth potential; for email marketing – 22.1%, + 4.5% growth potential; for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – 19.5%, + 9.7% growth potential; for content marketing – 18.6% + 14.5% growth potential; for Web & Mobile analytics – 24.8% + 7.2% growth potential.

What did we see when testing the development on an audience of potential clients?

To take a strong competitive position in the international market. We had to create a comprehensive solution that could simultaneously cover all these areas of digital marketing. So we settled on creating solutions for web and mobile analytics, SMM analytics, as well as analytics for advertising campaigns and affiliate programs. In order to properly present our product to its target audience, we have previously developed unique customer profiles. The study ZNB Directory allowed us to identify three groups of potential users: small and medium businesses; advertising agencies; independent marketers. Considering the geographical location of our potential clients, the main market shares belonged to the following countries: USA – 38.5%; Great Britain – 11.8%; India – 5.6%; France – 3.81%; Canada – 3.26%; other countries – 40.5%. It turned out that our most solvent audience is concentrated in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, which simplified product positioning for potential customers.

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