Strategies to Grow your SME in Peru

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Many high-impact organizations need long-term capital partnerships. Asking the people you know and offering to make a multimillion-dollar deposit in their MDI may seem the quickest path, but it doesn’t necessarily ensure that your deposit will reach the communities that would benefit most. For example, more than 1,000 CDFIs in the United States are investing in everything from minority.

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There’s such an opportunity today for treasurers to redefine how corporations align their dollars with their values. We’re seeing treasury leaders step into this opportunity because they recognize that there’s massive Phone Number List potential to invest in underserved communities, further racial justice and shrink the wealth gap in our country. 

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The timing is not right with an MDI, it isn’t necessarily a reason to walk away in frustration. Instead, when thinking about generating impact through your corporate finance department, be prepared to forge ZNB Directory partnerships built with the future in mind. A long-term approach to these capital programs will increase the positive impact your organization’s funds have on underserved communities.

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