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 However, there is no denying that reading code in open source projects is not easy. Especially when the code base becomes large. Mitchell Hashimoto, founder of Hashicorp, shares a tip to make the process easier. The trick is to find one of the big merges in your project. From the merge, we can understand what’s going on and gradually connect it to larger parts of the system. Keep learning to code Learning to code is once again not just a matter of grammar. An important aspect of learning to code is how to write code for maximum impact. Just writing code involves many aspects. 

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Of problems, knowledge of good methods, etc. Therefore, it would be great if I could always position myself as a student. So, we are always motivated to learn, try, learn, and try again. happy learning. Google Cloud! Learn about the services It is one of the world’s largest whatsapp database cloud computing service providers and relies on Google’s infrastructure. Software developers are familiar with the term “cloud” or “cloud computing.” But do you already know about this cloud technology? If you are a developer, you have an obligation to always keep up with the times. So, there’s nothing wrong with starting to understand cloud technology from now on. In this article, we will introduce you to cloud technology. Starting from understanding, the benefits, to applying it to one of the famous cloud providers i.e. Google Cloud. Note: This explanation of the introduction and benefits of cloud technology is taken from one of our articles.

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And Its Implementation by Cloudeka. Learn about cloud technology When you want to build an application that can run and be accessed from anywhere, of course you need a server. A server is a computer connected to the Internet to serve user requests. The server ZNB Directory must be continuously active to provide continuous access to the service from anywhere at any time. Server roles are very important when building applications. Due to its importance, computers that become servers need to be equipped with high specifications so that they are not overwhelmed by numerous user requests. 

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