The shorter a war lasts the better for you

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Therefore, do not forget to include time as something very important. Perhaps it is even advisable to invest more money than to prolong the war longer than is reasonable. The best victory is the one that occurs without fighting any battle. This means that it will always be better to achieve a victory, without getting stuck (which is the most costly phase), even if it is not absolute. In my previous post I told you the story of Benicleto and Mr. Smith. Well, for this specific case, I have to tell you that even if it bothers me so much that my teeth hurt from clenching them, it is very likely that I will try to reach an agreement with the aforementioned to prevent the process from taking too long. I would probably advise my client to pay a portion of the colleague’s demands. How about?

About planning and strategy.

Nature is wise, it has always been said. Well, I want you to put in your head the replay of one of those National Geographic documentaries that you have surely seen. “The predator approaches with such slow and precise movements that its category email list prey is unable to perceive the danger. The predator takes all the time it needs to prepare the attack. He is slow, calculating, precise, elusive and, above all, invisible. At the right moment, launch the attack. The attack is so fast and decisive and catches the prey so off guard that it has no option to escape.” .

I think you get the idea. Analysis, planning and

Strategy are the most important aspects of War . If you are like me, many times you have encountered the impulse of excitement and the need to “do something now.” Momentum is valuable, but without planning and strategy, it will only lead to exhaustion defeat. Whatever you are going to do, always remember that good planning and good analysis is more valuable than a strong and ZNB Directory very aggressive attack . You can see it as “approaching your prey slowly so as not to leave it any choice when hunting it. You will have to be less violent to achieve the same thing and you will do it at a lower cost.” Spend a lot of time analyzing and planning. When you’re done, analyze and plan some more. Cover as many possibilities as you can and prepare for counterattacks.

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