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Their greater engagement can have a real impact on sales levels. Statistics in . It is the most develop analytical tool recently. By going to the statistics panel we can get information about the popularity and reactions of our entries. of posts get the most attention, which ones generate conversions, and what time of the week and which days users are most active. By combining this data with marketing and sales data, we can create a system that really works to measure the real profits of social mia campaigns.

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This is an increasingly popular way of checking which customers contact us via social mia. By sharing unique material, discount codes, or special promotions for fans on company profiles, we can observe what content is us when purchasing a particular Croatia B2B List product or using a service. Example: Just click Like! receiv a one-time discount coupon on our fan page. Using it means we’ve made a profit by passing. It’s also worth remembering that events in social mia are still relatively cheap compar to events in traditional mia.

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To customer service, since the fastest and best answers can be obtain by simply interacting. With a given company’s profile these days. FMCG Generating ROI was commission by the UK division to carry out research into the effectiveness of social mia in building customer loyalty, engaging customers and evoking positive sentiment towards brands. After analyzing the social communications of three companies ( , , and ) in the FMCG industry, it was found that ZNB Directory profiles can actually generate real profits.


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