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The business model should provide the agency with full comfort of getting involved in the outcome of the campaign, and guarantee you that the agency will be able to show initiative at every stage of cooperation When your campaigns are working, paying by performance is a great option. However, if problems arise, it is easy to play a blame game between the PPC agency and the client, which can sour the relationship. It’s essential when deciding on a new PPC partner to. Ask as many questions as you can think of to get a full. Understanding of what pricing model is right for your needs.

A good PPC agency will help

You understand this by analyzing various cases and how service costs will change depending on the effects or budget changes. settlement model: At what rate is the success fee % calculated on the value of revenue: net or gross? What is the share of database assisted conversions in a given traffic channel, which CPC sources open and which close transactions. What is the cost of the first configuration of the PPC campaign and. the organization of account analytics in the first month of cooperation. Later, when the application gains visibility, you can expand the optimization with phrases with greater potential. We can supplement the positioning strategy of mobile applications with new keywords, because they are not selected once and permanently.

Whether the agency works


Your or own advertising accounts. The average hourly rate for a PPC specialist is around PLN 120-180. Based on this, it is easy to calculate the real. Involvement in campaign service. if the campaign budget is PLN 1,000. And the percentage of ZNB Directory service is 10% – it is worth considering what. The agency can realistically do in such a short time during the entire month. What competencies does the team involved in the campaign have, who will you contact during the ongoing. Service and who will make strategic decisions within the campaign.

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