Learn about Delivery and Shipping methods for an online store

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Today we will talk about one of the pillars Learn about Delivery and Shipping methods for an online store responsible for the success of an online store and, consequently, of e-commerce itself: SHIPPING . Shipping plays a fundamental role in e-commerce, as it is also an important aspect of the customer’s shopping experience in your online store. Even if your store has the best design, the best products, prices and/or simple and efficient payment processing. If the customer is unable to receive the product at his home or receives the product late, all the excellence will be indifferent and will become insignificant. Creating uncertainty about the good service and suitability of your online store.

Shipping options: Post Office or Courier

You have two ways to send products from your online store to your customers. The second Croatia Phone Number alternative is to use a carrier. There are many shipping companies that offer specialize services for e-commerce. In this modality, the company will go directly to your store or home and take the product to the customer. It’s simple, convenient for both parties and allows you to stay focus on other aspects of your business. Post Office and Carrier Shipping . What is reverse logistics and how does it apply to E-commerce? Comparing shipping and delivery options for your Online Store It is essential to evaluate all the pros and cons before hiring.


Calculation and weighing

Thinking about the calculation of weighing and dimensions, the Post Office uses two forms of charging: the first by product weight and the second by weight. The second aims to have the exact size of the product so that it can fit on aircraft or trucks for transportation. The one with Estonia Phone Number List the highest weight is normally charged, that is, if the weight of the product is greater than the cubed weight, the first one will be chosen. Cubed pricing is exempt from orders weighing up to 10 cubic kg, and only the physical weight is . In case of a value above this weight, the higher price is . Mail Integration Post Office and virtual stores Regardless of whether you have a contract with.

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