What Makes A Good User Experience

Whether you are launching a new website or redesigning one, think like a first-time visitor and ask yourself these important UX questions:

It may sound rudimentary, but make it clear to your visitor which site they’ve landed on. They probably clicked on a link from a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) after reading your Meta Description. They had several choices on the SERP page because your content seemed like the best match. Don’t assume they read or remember your business name and URL or even know what you do.

To get to the main sections of your website, a user will navigate using primary navigation buttons. It’s top-level, explaining how you have organized the site. You may also have secondary navigation as a way to sift through sub-pages.

Having both types of navigation appear globally on the site makes it easier for your visitor to jump to areas of greatest interest. When they do land on a sub-page, having the primary navigation area clearly marked helps them see their current location while poking around.

2. Site ID, Page Name, Visual Hierarchy

Every page on your website is a landing page, so your logo and navigation should be consistent throughout. Make sure you have a Page Name, as it visually frames the content on a page and should appear larger or different than the content text.

Strategic use of headings also provides your reader with visual cues.

Well-constructed pages organize their content with subheadings, separating key thoughts. There’s an abundance of content on the web, simply too much to be absorbed and retained. Make it easy for your visitor to scan, and include a compelling (and related) call to action so they can request more.

This is what Google says about the importance of user experience.

Unless you’re already a rock star in your whatsapp mobile number list industry, there may be folks who aren’t familiar with your business name… yet. So make sure it’s clear who you are by showing your company name front and center.

Below your company name, consider a site description or tagline to explain the purpose of your site quickly and succinctly. Long-winded explanations need not apply. Rather, it’s a few words letting visitors know what you do, confirming they landed in the right place and staying awhile to check you out.

Other Factors to User Experience

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Since user experience is such a broad topic, we have a few other articles that zoom into different facets of UX.

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