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And prioritize what we want to learn. Learn by understanding how technology works We’ve long been curious about how the Internet works. How about when we enter an address, after a few minutes we can read the content of the requested website? Let’s begin our more than 6-month adventure in the online world. We spent time learning about topics such as TCP/IP, the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, what a TLS certificate is, how browsers verify TLS certificates when opening HTTPS pages, and more. Along the way, we are also eager to apply what we learn. By the way, one ws data of the programming languages we have always wanted to learn

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 Web programming using Ruby? why not. We use the book C Network Programming in Practice as a guide. We will try all existing code using Ruby. Thankfully, the socket programming API in Ruby is not that different from the API in C. One of the fun things we created while learning whatsapp number list was a simple DNS client application. Not only do we need to understand how DNS works, but we also  need to spend time studying DNS specifications. A Request ZNB Directory for Comments (RFC) for the first time. When learning to use this model, it is also important to determine what big goals you want to master and what questions you want to answer. Because if he doesn’t, his journey can’t be optimal. Learn by imitating concepts from other languages One of the exercises we often use when learning a new programming language is to create the most grammatical generator application .

From an existing vocabulary list.

Whatsapp Number List

A palindrome is a sentence that is the same when read from beginning to end and from back to front. In addition to high specifications, servers also need to be connected to ultra-complex internet networks. The goal is to make services quickly and reliably accessible from anywhere. Servers also require constant power and a cool room to keep the server in optimal condition. Therefore, server configuration is a scary specter when you want to build application systems. why is that? In addition to the complex requirements, the cost of setting up a standalone server (On-Premise) is also very expensive. Since the advent of cloud .

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