Shinkansen Hokuriku part line With the Japan

Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa is Considered One of the Three Most Beautiful. Landscape Gardens in Japan. It Was in 1871 When Kenrokuen Was Opened to the Public. Since Until Then It Had Belonged to the Lands of a Castle. Owned by a Japanese Ruling Family. Thanks to the Hokuriku Shinkansen. An Extension of the Nagano Shinkansen Line That Began Operation in 2015, This and Other. Tourist Attractions in Kanazawa Can Be Reached.

The Ninjadera Temple, the 21st Century Museum, the Oyama Shrine, the Omicho Market or the Nagamachi Samurai District, are some of the options that you can visit in record time. We leave you all the information that you should take into account if you plan to take the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

Table of Contents 1 Shinkansen Hokuriku using the JR Pass 2

Hokuriku Shinkansen Stations 2.1 Map of the Whatsapp Mobile Number List Hokuriku. Line 3 Train Services 4 Kagayaki 5 Hakutaka 6 Asama 7 Tsurugi 8 From Tokyo to Nagano 9 From Tokyo. To Kanazawa 10 Future Plans for the Shinkansen. Some Options, Although There Are Many More, Are:

The Travel Service Centers at Nagano and Tokyo stations, and the Nippon Travel Agency branch at Kanazawa station. If you want to make a seat reservation , visit the ticket office inside the train station.

Afterwards, Whether You Have a Reserved Seat or Not. Simply Show Your Jr Pass to the Gate Staff to Catch Your Train. Once You Have Your Jr Pass in Hand. However, You’re Ready to Ride the Hokuriku. Shinkansen Line.

Inform the staff member of the chosen destination and present your JR Pass

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Hokuriku Shinkansen stations The main train stations ZNB Directory along the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line are Tokyo Station , Nagano Station , and Kanazawa Station.

Additional terminals along this line include Iiyama, Joetsumyoko, Itoigawa, Kurobe-Unazuki Onsen, Toyama, Shin-Takaoka, and Kanazawa.

If you have time for any excursions, there is plenty to see, from the famous Toyama clay dolls to the great plum grove near Mount Asama. If you want to avoid the smaller stations along your route, strongly consider reserving your seat on the Kagayaki express train.

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