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Our website designed People tend to get distracted and find it difficult to concentrate. When they encounter moving elements on a web page. Too many moving banner ads are a psychological burden , so we should deal with them sparingly. Web solutions where automatically. Started music effects greet visitors are also not very common these days. 10. There is a worthless slider on the main page Research shows that. But perhaps if you think about it a little more, you can still give the truth to the statement: in the case of online stores, we can come across fewer slider elements than in the case

Our website designed long

This is because people can easily mistake it for an ad. or don’t really know what to do with such an item. If we use Asia Mobile Number List a slider on the website. our-website-key let’s try to formulate 3 advantages regarding its functionality. What does it say? What does it call you. Do the images really express what our business does. If we can’t list 3 advantages. Maybe a darkened image will do instead of the slider . In addition, it can be said that the sliders appear worse on mobile. 11. Incorrect navigation structure. As a general rule regarding the content of a website, the more clicks it takes to access

There are too many moving elements on the website

A specific content from the main page, the lower the chance that ZNB Directory users will actually access that content. Or that Google will index (rank) them. our-website-key The more valuable content should not be more than 3 clicks away from the main page . In the case of online stores, it is especially true that users get. Lost in the navigation: this is what the appropriate breadcrumb menu is for. Which helps to show where we are right now, which category we are in, and how to get there. Starting from the main page. Do you have such a crumb menu. Many good bloggers and web store owners make.

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