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The mechanism for personalizing the Netflix experience with personalized homepages and covers and the effects on the audience. BY GIORDANA PETRUZZELLA COMMUNICATION , MARKETING Table of Contents Netflix: an “Over The Top” service The Netflix algorithm The customization of homepages Personalized covers: choosing in 1.8 seconds Cover customization mechanism How Netflix affects public consumption The Crown. Barbour and 80s sweaters Bridgeton and early 19th century fashion The Queen of Chess: the return of an ancient game Squid Game and the white.

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Vans slip-ons Stranger Things and the return UAE Phone Number List Phone Number List of 80s hits and the top travel destinations. Conclusion Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode Voiced by Amazon Polly Would you be surprise. If we told you that your is different from that of your friends? Well Netflix totally personalizes the user experience of its users, but not only that! This pe impacting consumption and habits. But how does all this happen? Netflix: the personalization of the experience and the effects on the audience Why is your ? And why after watching a series were you suddenly struck by the desire to buy that very object or listen to that song on loop? We’ll explain it to you! Netflix.

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An “Over The Top” service Netflix is Australia Phone Number List streaming services in the world, with over 220 million subscribers. It is an Above the Top service, meaning it offers and distributes content. via an Internet connection and the OTT provider’s application. This allows you to stream the desired content at any time, anywhere and with any device. Smart TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones: the devices to access a personalized Netflix Devices to access Netflix. Source. Netflix Thanks to catalogs with thousands of contents available. users programming and can adapt it to their needs and habits. But do you really think you are totally free in your choices? The Netflix algorithm. When Netflix entered the audiovisual streaming market in 2008. the main innovation it introduce was the creation of a customer. Oriented service, i.e. oriented towards the customer and based on his tastes.

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