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Javascript const express requireexpress const app express app.getusers req res res.json name John Doe age 30 app.listen3000 console.logServer listening on port 3000 The code snippet shows using Express.js to build a simple API that returns an array of user information through the users path. 3. API Design Principles When building an open API there are some design principles to follow to ensure its maintainability scalability and ease of use RESTful API design.

Follow RESTful principles

map API resources to URL paths and use HTTP methods GET POST PUT DELETE to represent operation types. Version Control Use version numbers to manage API updates and iterations italy phone number to avoid sudden invalidation of old versions of APIs. Error handling Define a reasonable error response format and provide detailed error information. Documentation Provide clear and complete documentation for the API to facilitate developers understanding and use.

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Data Verification and Security

API data validation and security China Phone Number measures are critical when building open APIs. Commonly used methods include Validate request data Use middleware or libraries to validate the request data to ensure that its format and content are as expected. Authentication and Authorization Use mechanisms such as JWT OAuth 2.0 to authenticate and authorize users and restrict API access. Data Encryption Use HTTPS protocol to transmit data encrypt sensitive information and prevent data leakage. 5. The Node.js ecosystem provides a wealth of tools and libraries to help developers build highquality HTTP open APIs

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