Traveling on the Tohoku Shinkansen

Famous for its high-speed bullet trains . One of the fastest is the Hayabusa Shinkansen that runs on the Tohoku Shinkansen line in Honshu. A peculiar feature of some of the Tohoku Shinkansen trains is that they only offer reserved seats . This is rare among shinkansen, so if you want to travel on this line, make sure you book early.

Most trains have first class carriages and, in addition, if all the seats are reserved, you can also go standing up. The history of this train line goes back a long way. The first part of the Tohoku Line opened in 1982 , but its services did not reach Aomori until 2010.

Today, this shinkansen bullet train line allows not only to travel the eastern part of the island of Honshu, but also to access the high-speed Hokkaido Shinkansen line on the island of Hokkaido.

The Tohoku Shinkansen is the longest

Table of Contents [ hide ] 1 The Tohoku Shinkansen Latest Mailing Database line 2 Tohoku Shinkansen stations 3 Map of the Tohoku Shinkansen line 4 Train services 4.1 Hayabusa Shinkansen 4.2 Hayate Shinkansen 4.3 Yamabiko Shinkansen 4.4 Komachi Shinkansen 5 Using the Japan Rail Pass 6 From Tokyo to Sendai 7 From Tokyo to Fukushima Tohoku Shinkansen line The Tohoku Shinkansen connects the cities of the island of Honshu from Tokyo (in the south) to Aomori (in the north.

It has two branches, the Akita Shinkansen Line and the Yamagata Shinkansen Line . They are sometimes referred to as “mini-shinkansen” because they are narrower and operate on conventional train tracks.

Station in the north via the Seikan Tunnel

Latest Mailing Database

Sapporo in 2030 Tohoku Shinkansen stations The ZNB Directory main stops on this route include the stations of:

Shin-Aomori, Morioka, Sendai, Omiya and Tokyo . Some, but not all, trains also stop at Shichinohe-Towada , Hachinohe, Ninohe, Iwate-Numakunai, Shin-Hanamaki, Kitakami, Mizusawa-Esashi, Ichinoseki, Kurikoma-Kogen, Furukawa, Shiroishi-Zao.

Fukushima, Koriyama, Shin-Shirakawa, Nasu-Shiobara, Utsunomiya, Oyama and Ueno Stations. Season Transfers Location tokyo station Tokaido Shinkansen, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Yamanote Line , Keihin-Tōhoku Line , Chūō Main Line , Tokaido Main Line, Yokosuka Line, Sōbu Line , Keiyō Line.

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