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Face To Face with Matteo Alessandrini, Social Media Manager of the Vatican Museums. In this article, we look at some of the answers to your questions. BY ELENA DE NITTIS COMMUNICATION , INTERVIEWS Table of Contents Let’s start from the beginning 1. Content creation 2. Bringing young people closer to culture 3. The subtle difference between information and trivialization Let’s draw the line: do the Vatican Museums need social media to be valorized? For what you don’t know yet, watch this Reel Don’t feel like reading.

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Try listening to the article in audio mode Voiced Greece Phone Number List by Amazon Polly It’s not a click-bait title, but one of the questions you asked us when we asked you: “What would you ask the Vatican Museums if you found yourself face to face with their Social Media Manager?”. We took care of putting them to the interested party, Matteo Alessandrini, and the time has come to reveal all the curiosities we have collected. So, make yourselves comfortable. In this article we will open our minds to the world of art and culture to understand how the Vatican Museums manage their digital communication. Let’s start from the beginning It’s May 2022. The work in the agency flows quickly when, among the many communications, one arrives that has filled us with enthusiasm.

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Would you visit the Vatican Museums to India Phone Number List understand¬† how a Museum manages digital communication. And what a museum, we might say. The opportunity to visit the Vatican Museums and learn more about communication techniques relating to the field of culture was not only a one-of-a-kind experience. but it turned into an opportunity to take you with us. Thus, on 5 July 2022 the Espresso Marketing Team visited the Vatican Museums in a combination of experience and interview. You were always with us: before, during and after the visit and, mind you, we asked the very questions you sent us, via a Question Box inserted in the stories.¬† Museums What did you ask us? Let’s refresh our memories to be able to tell the life and history of the Vatican museums?

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