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Voiced by Amazon Polly If you’re a fan of reading and have been wondering how to build your own online community, you’ll love this case study. We will analyze it together, through a world of strategy, marketing and love of reading. So, get in your favorite position, because we are getting into a project that Marketing Espresso is very proud of. Let’s begin. Building a community for MGMT Building a community for MGMT Who is MGMT? MGMT Edition is a young and dynamic publishing house, vertical in the world of business.

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Work, personal growth and UK Phone Number List entrepreneurship. He currently has 11 specific texts that deal with these themes, including more technical books and other inspirational ones. Unlike all other publishing houses, MGMT is the spokesperson for a way of being. Believing that work is not just a means of making a living, but above all an opportunity to grow, realize oneself and give dignity to one’s life. For around 6 months I have collaborated with our Agency with the aim of: structuring a communication and content marketing strategy, increasing awareness, building a community around the brand and establishing itself as a leading publishing house in the field of business, innovation and personal growth. But let’s get to the fundamental question. How to build a community for a publishing house? The first answer is: build a well-defined positioning.

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In fact, MGMT does not want to position itself as Brazil Phone Number List just any publishing house, but as a brand that accompanies its readers on a path of personal and professional growth. His books are ideal for those who have a project to carry out, for those who want to improve their skills and for those looking for a guide to follow. But, trust me, it’s not an easy challenge. The publishing house market is very competitive. This is because it includes direct competitors (therefore other publishing houses) and various personal brands who communicate their passion for reading very well and who recommend books.  answers (trust me, you won’t regret it), let’s see what content to avoid.  written above, distinctive positioning is the first step in building a community. On the contrary, if we imagine that creating a community means publishing one-way content,

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