The best free music banks for your videos podcasts and digital projects


Are you looking for free music for videos or background melodies for your audiovisual projects? If you are dedicated to podcasting. Do video marketing or need audio tracks with which to set the digital content of your social media strategy. Today I will show you where you can find them more easily. Nowadays, knowing where to find sound elements to use in your projects without having copyright or usage rights problems is complicated. For this reason. It is very common for some of your audiovisual content to be blocked on networks because of the song that was playing in the background.

Where to download free background music for videos?

Let’s start with the most obvious option. The YouTube job function email list Audio Library . This is one of the main options you should consider if you create content for this platform. In fact, it is the first option to search. Since this free music library for videos is designed specifically for the creation of tracks on this platform. So you will not have any type of problem when using the one you get here. Which already You know that they can be a little “heavy” with the copyright issue. Audio Library. Despite what you may hear. Has very good options. Just because it is free does not mean that the tracks you find there are of low quality. On the contrary.

The 14 best free music banks for videos, podcasts and other digital projects

Again, as with the previous post. If your goal is to create and edit online videos for this social network, I recommend that you try ZNB Directory searching here before anywhere else. As it is specifically designed for this platform. They have a great variety and everything is very well organized , you will have no problem finding what you are looking for quickly. The best thing is that you will be able to avoid many problems with Facebook copyright. Something that tends to bother many content creators, perhaps even more than on YouTube. 3. Purple Planet Purple Planet – Background Music for Videos Purple Planet , or Purple Planet.

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