Development of a custom Gamma TMS for a trucking company

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The logistics and cargo delivery industry as a whole is characterized by quite stable business processes. But at the same time, ready-made software solutions developed for their synchronization and automation (in particular, TMS) are quite difficult to use and very often cannot fully cover the needs of industry representatives. Therefore, a well-known transport company from the USA approached us to develop a TMS platform from scratch. This solution ultimately turned out to be cheaper than adapting and supporting ready-made platforms available on the market. Our client is a trucking company with excellent drivers and highly qualified personnel. They specialize in flatbed, step deck, refrigerated and oversized transport.

Who is our client?

The company has been operating in the local transportation market since 2003 and has a sufficiently large staff and fleet of vehicles to come to the decision to automate its internal business processes. Client request. Create a transport management system and mobile application for drivers. Employees of the client’s company had to perform enormous Phone Number List amounts of “manual” work every day, including entering data on cargo shipments into Google spreadsheets and communicating with drivers via instant messengers. This took a lot of time and created certain difficulties with synchronizing processes. And, despite the presence of numerous ready-made, customizable digital platforms on the market. In practice they turned out to be difficult to adapt to the business processes of a single .

What goals did we pursue? What services were trucking company provided?

Ready-made solutions did not allow the initial priority of TMS implementation to be realized – facilitating the growth of the client’s business through planning and optimizing cargo deliveries. In fact, insufficient or incorrectly selected TMS functionality not only does not help, but sometimes also interferes with the effective implementation ZNB Directory of business processes, leading to delays and errors. This is primarily due to the high complexity of most TMS systems on the market, as well as the high requirements for their configuration and use. And at the same time, this software does not have capabilities that are truly useful for an individual business.

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