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The presence of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. piqued Bima’s curiosity. He also continued his studies at SMK Negeri 2 Pengasih, majoring in Computer Network Engineering. Through his active use of search engines, Bima discovered the term cloud computing and began exploring it. Bima is impressed by cloud technology, whose infrastructure can handle almost any data on the Internet. This prompted him to believe that studying cloud technology is a very important thing at the moment. He believes that learning cloud computing can bring him a bright future. After learning about cloud technology, Bima’s curiosity grew. 

He had always wondered

If it would one day be possible to build cloud infrastructure in a simple, secure, practical and time-consuming way. Bima’s curiosity then led him to AWS. Find AWS and successfully “untangle” it After Bima successfully received a scholarship to the project, he admitted whatsapp database that he got what he wanted from AWS and Dicoding. A long time ago, Bima had difficulty distinguishing between the terms autoscaling and autoscaling. For Bima, the two terms feel like “tangled threads.” However, Bima said studying AWS at Dicoding helped him get to know the two better. “The coffee shop metaphor that Dicoding uses when teaching is very easy to understand. I started to understand the difference between auto-scaling and auto-scaling, which I had always had trouble distinguishing. He said that auto-scaling is like adding the work of a barista in a coffee shop capabilities, and auto-scaling is like increasing the number of baristas themselves.

Finally after graduating from

AWS, Bima successfully obtained the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. Not only this, Bima also managed to achieve other things. Win a medal, then dream of developing a quantum computer After completing her studies at AWS, Bima won the trust of the school and became a representative of the 2021 National Student Ability Competition (LKS) in the field of cloud computing. This prestigious annual competition is hosted by the Department of Education and Education. The culture of Indonesian vocational high school students. “Thanks to the support from all parties and the strong material foundation provided by Dicoding and AWS, I successfully won the bronze medal.” Not only has his achievements been brilliant, Bima also seems to have ambitions.

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