System that helps enterprises manage and automate

It was proposed by the American marketing industry in the 1990s, and the English name is Marketing Automation (MA for short). Not only does marketing automation help businesses use the customer and operational data it collects to design more System that helps effective campaigns and customer nurturing efforts, it also helps marketers save time, reduce human error, and ultimately improve marketing efficiency and ROI. Let customers have a more satisfactory experience in marketing activities.

So how does marketing automation apply

Mainly based on two types of channels, one is external channels such as email, SMS, social media (such as WeChat, Weibo, Douyin), etc., and the other is internal channels such as pop-ups, Push, Webhook notifications, etc. The following 4 functions are the core functions of marketing France WhatsApp Number Data automation: 1. Customer Data Platform (CDP). All marketing data is stored here, such as some customer information. Behavior, interaction records and other full life cycle data, helping companies create more accurate customer portraits and achieve personalized content for thousands of people. and services to improve customer activity and conversion rate.

Marketing process automation It is a system

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3. Predictive analysis: It is a data analysis system that tests, measures and optimizes marketing investment return and improves revenue. Let you know ZNB Directory which marketing activities are more effective, which ones are ineffective, and which ones need improvement. It can even tell you the probability of users purchasing through an intelligent scoring system. 4. Marketing technology: including all technologies that assist in marketing automation, such as landing page construction, mini program construction, form creation, etc. Because marketing automation can act on the entire customer life cycle, marketing automation software.

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