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Thanks to the advice of the housewife next to the cookbook, Marianne will surely realize that he can use some new equipment at home to do some of the work for him. a food processor. A phrase enter into a search engine at the current stage of the process in question will no longer refer to the user’s ne itself, but to a specific line of products that can meet that ne. For example, they could be food processors, what food processors, best food processors, or food processor comparisons.

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Want to find what he’s looking for on our site, it’s too soon to direct him to the subpage that contains the offer for the robot model we want to sell. At this stage, we have to convince him that this model rather than other models best meets his expectations. If we succe, we’ll be almost there, because Marianne will know he nes our equipment, he’ll know what it Luxembourg B2B List does, and he’ll be able to say its name. This is the end of our journey with Marianne, who has been looking for a specific product on our website.

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He enters phrases such as, even, etc. in the search engine.  know that when he sees a link to our site, he’ll find what he’s looking for when he clicks on it. We’ve earn his trust, and trust leads to conversions. Our competitors only try to contact Marianne in the final stages of a mature buying decision, so the chances are much less. Multi-channel channels and search engine remarketing provide increasingly interesting and precise tools to optimize and analyze complex multi-stage strategies. An example that is very useful in the situation we are discussing could be ZNB Directory the remarketing we introduce in search engines.


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