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At the top, you can quickly click through to other services, such as search engines,  music, photos, etc. In turn, the upper right corner has a set of buttons that allow you to log out, change settings or themes. Step 1 Advanc Settings The main settings can be access via the  button in the upper right corner or via similar buttons locat in various places in the mailbox.  fully customize the mailbox to your liking, including: creating filters, managing other email accounts integrat.

With this mailbox managing contacts

Modifying security settings (e.g. use secure connections, change passwords, To add a phone number or check account login who, when, and from what device is logg in or trying to log in to our account), turn on and off Ads and Information on the left side of the Bulgaria B2B List main window. The first step is optional, for those who value interesting solutions. Settings allow you to manage almost every aspect of your email operations with great precision. People who like to try new products will definitely be interest in two other possibilities.

B2B Email List

The first one is strictly functional

Involves the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts. For example, Buttons allow you to check mail, and buttons allow you to write messages etc. To check the list of shortcuts at any time, select . Also allows you to keep abreast of the latest news in your field of interest. Just select the appropriate tab from the main box, Подписки: Then we choose the topics we are interest in and ZNB Directory enjoy the latest information directly in our email inboxes.


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