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So I started redesigning my website and first looked to optimize the load speed, which undoubtedly cost me a lot in the update. Despite a very positive service load in the first half of the year, I managed to find time to redesign the new website. What happened? I will tell you at the next point. With regard to traffic data, given that the website has been stumbling since the update, I only recovered to the year-end data from the beginning of the month.

Without technical complications and in

Year, I have an independent user; year, – . Year, my page views are ten times; Year, – . They’re not the people I like, but I also latest database don’t work on the blog because I should do the same My new site got into trouble when it launched As I said, after a few weeks of uninterrupted work on my site, I successfully launched it in the first week of June. I really thought it was a bad idea because it happened that in the same month,

A very intuitive environment

Google always released an important update, so if something negative happened, I really didn’t know whether it was a problem with the website itself or a problem with the website. As I just told you, one of my top priorities is that the web is like a lens. To do this, I used a plugin that is a cucumber for optimization and not a. What happened? The web is starting to give me visual problems If I ZNB Directory want the web to be super optimized, it’s going to hell and misconfiguring me something and other people will stop working, especially .

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