Maruyama Park is Famous for Its Countless

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The Robot Restaurant (Shinjuku stop on the Yamanote Line ) is the best place for travelers who haven’t yet been served by giant robots. This unique experience is very common among international tourists.

The Skytree dominates the eastern Tokyo landscape
After discovering the many faces of Tokyo, take in its view from the top of the Tokyo Skytree . It is the second tallest structure in the world (the tallest is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai) and offers a beautiful panorama of the city both day and night.

Day 4: The amazing city of Kyoto

Higashiyama District Kodaiji Temple and Maruyama Park

A great way to start your Kyoto adventure is to visit the Database Higashiyama district . This historically preserved place allows you to experience the authentic atmosphere of Kyoto.

Traces of Japan’s ancient capital can be seen between Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizudera Temple , where narrow streets and wooden shops take you back in time.

Kodaiji Temple , located in the same area, is home to a secret bamboo grove where time seems to have stopped. A walk through this bamboo forest will make you live a unique experience.

This park has become one of the most famous destinations for tourists and locals alike during the cherry blossom season .

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Designed in 1339, these heart-shaped gardens bring the beautiful landscape and authentic Japanese atmosphere to life.

One of the most beautiful gardens in Japan is located within the Saiho-ji temple grounds


For a real leap into the Japan of yesteryear, we ZNB Directory recommend visiting Funaoka Onsen . It has well-preserved old saunas, open-air stone baths, herbal baths, etc.

The list goes on. For an even more complete experience, visit the nearby Tahitchi restaurant and enjoy a comforting miso soup.

If you want to better understand Japanese culture, don’t hesitate and visit the Okitsu Club teahouse . A comprehensive introduction to the roots of the country’s traditional culture, it will introduce you to the elegance and delicacy of ancient Japanese traditions.

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