20 strategies to increase web traffic

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I started my Blog, if someone told me about these figures it would have seemed more like a science fiction movie, and of course, I would have thought that it is very difficult or almost impossible, because the mission of increasing web traffic when you start the Blog seems almost an impossible mission … You would like to know the 20 strategies that have allowed me to achieve more than 1,200,000 visits per month, because if you want to know them in depth, buy your ticket to the Raiola Marketing Conference, in the article I will only tell you about some of them. You can also listen to 19 great professionals specialized in all areas of online marketing.

 Connecting with good professionals

SEO, innovation, blogging, strategy, ecommerce, social media, WPO, etc.) such as Luis Villanueva, José Facchin, Álvaro Fontela, Sergio Ramírez, Javier Gobea, Lucas García, Claudio Inacio, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Alejandro Novás, Isabel Romero executive email list Alex Navarro, Raúl Maraña, Rubén Alonso, Fátima Carmena, Maider Tomasena, Miguel Almela, Javi Pastor. You can follow the event on October 20 and 21 at the Coruña Conference Center or online, as I know the event is also broadcast in streaming. I have always been clear that this Blog had to serve as a vehicle for me to work on my personal brand , but I would never have thought.

In the first moments 

DM, thanking me for all the work I do on my blog, and how this learning has helped many people to improve their visibility on the  ZNB Directory Internet, the truth is that I get “goosebumps.” ” and I am very excited. Look for a moment 2 years ago, 2016, what my results were like: blog visits They weren’t bad at all but two years later my Blog has continued to grow at an impressive rate, it’s as if I didn’t know its organic ceiling or if I had ignored it. These are the visit statistics as of today, October 2018. web traffic october 2018 Now I am going to explain to you how I managed to reach 1,200,000 monthly visits, and later I will tell you how I intend to exceed.

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