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Adapted to the purposes, designs to make the contents more pleasant and a personalized palette to ensure you create contents always in line with your brand identity , starting from the colors. There is a free version of Canvas which already offers a lot but the paid version allows you to create many types of content even without any graphic skills. Cap  Cut is a complete and free video editing app that is great for using . If you find yourself struggling with the creation of reels, then Cap Cut represents a precious resource that allows you to create high-quality videos quickly and easily and to take advantage of the audio available.

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Once installed, the app can be used from Denmark Phone Number List a smartphone or PC and allows you to edit the video and cut the clips, making your video content high quality. A fundamental app for creating the reels that are so trendy at the moment. Tool for content programming Hootsuite Over 18 million users in  media management as  read on the site’s homepage itself. With Hootsuite you can manage from 10 to up to 50 social channels, schedule, manage social ads, create reports, assign posts from 49 euros per month up to tailor-made prices dedicated to companies with greater needs.

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Postpickr Integrated with the most popular France Phone Number List social channels, Postpickr allows you to manage multiple editorial projects, work in a team and analyze the performance of your accounts by developing detailed reports on every aspect. As with the other tools, there are on your needs. Later With Later you can plan, analyze and publish your content easily on different platforms including: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok and LinkedIn. There are different depending on the number of posts to be publisher and the period to be analyze. Tool for influencer marketing Not just analytics Not just analytics is an excellent tool to use for: 

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