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We often turn on the radio or even the TV while using a social networking site. An estimat 100% of US citizens comment online about the TV programs they are watching.  Develop a system that allows you to track who has comment on a particular brand or ad and how often. Thus, the advertiser will receive information about which users are interest in the broadcast advertisement. This would enable so-call tweets that market specific ads to specific interest recipients.

Television organizations will

Be given access to a panel where they will be able to monitor statistics on which ads are most receptive and comment on, as well as the effectiveness of promotional Malta B2B List tweets in support of specific ads. This ad targeting system is part of a partnership with regular TV stations. Social networking sites are increasingly cooperating with eg social networking sites. and Partner with Fox Television.

B2B Email List

Tests are currently underway

In parts of the Unit States to see if and how well this method of targeting TV ads will catch on. In Poland, this way of supplementing an advertising campaign seems almost impossible at the moment, since we don’t review TV programs on a large scale, let alone commercials. Perhaps this trend will affect us for a while. It is estimat in the Polish report that the Poles publish a total of nearly ten million copies in 2010. tweets. Guidelines, part. Basic programs and plugins. We’ve written several times ZNB Directory about search engines and their thoughts on the Russian Internet.


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