Connectif and how can it help you improve your eCommerce sales

Do you know the « Connectif » platform and its countless advantages? If you are responsible for an online store. You will know very well that all the tools you use to manage it efficiently are few. And this is a type of online business that requires your five senses to be successful in the medium/long term, given the complexity and the large number of factors that intervene in its proper functioning. Therefore, today I want to present you a platform that I have recently discovered and, although I have not yet used it in depth. I have been able to test it and see first-hand its benefits for every eCommerce manager . .

What is Connectif and what is it for?

Connectif is a personalization platform for eCommerce of Spanish origin. Through which we can interact email contact list with users in real time. Through different channels and. In this way. Impact the key moments of the Customer Journey. It allows you to establish direct and unique relationships with each user . Hyper-personalizing their experience based on the objectives that we have set for ourselves on our website, mainly, the purchase. In addition to this. We can show everything from blocks of related products (based on its own algorithm) to unique content depending on the type of visitor. And finally it allows interaction.

What type of business is Connectif designed for?

Actually, it is a platform that is 100% oriented towards online sales and eCommerce. therefore, it can be used ZNB Directory by any type of website or online store (regardless of its size). Therefore, it focuses on CEOs, business owners or managers. And even agency professionals. Its implementation is extremely simple and fast. Thanks to the modules available for PrestaShop . Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce . In addition. It has customer service in Spanish and backed by the tool’s own Technical Support. How much does it cost to hire Connectif? The business model of this company is based on a monthly subscription.

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